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  1. My Summer Biannual Bibliothon TBR

    pátek 12. června 2015

    I like various read-a-thons. It makes me read - a lot! More than usual. And usually I read a lot. So they make me read more than a lot. But I suck at sticking to some TBR piles. When I know what I am about to read I always lose interest in these books. As I said - I suck at it. 

    From June 21 to June 27 we all can participate in Summer Biannual Bibliothon. And I am going to try! Try really hard! (but lately I feel a bit slumpy...) Summer is full of read-a-thons and as I have more time than usual I want to participate in all of them - but so much reading can take its toll. So I am writing here - I AM NOT SURE I AM GOING TO BE ABLE TO READ ALL OF THIS! If I don't want to read, I just want... Simple as that...

    There are some tasks to complete during this read-a-thon. I have to admit that I don't like them very much. So I kind of cheated and I picked what I wanted. I just really want to want to read. Get it? Perfect! 

    Let's see the challenges:
    1. Group Book 

    I really wanted to read another John Green's Book. I hated The Abundance of Katherines but I liked TFIOS. Moreover, the movie is comming out and I cannot watch the movie if I haven'T read the book, you know, that would be pretty lame. I am thinking that maybe I will be able to read it even before Bibliothon starts.

    2. Book from your childhood

    What other book could a 22-year-old girl choose? Please! This is a no-brainer. And it's still short, so perfect for read-a-thoning.

    3. Companion novel, novella or prequel

    UnStrung is a novella in Unwind dystology. I read the first book Unwind probably a month or two ago and I loved it! It's so realistic that you get so scared that everything could happen... one day... It's just crazy, but crazy good! So I definitely want to continue with the series and this is obviously the right time.

    4. Genre you read the least

    Okay, I am cheating here. I read fantasy a lot. I just don't want to read the genre I don't enjoy. So I consider The Archived as a subgenre I don't read very often - I honestly don't remember if I ever read ghost book. One day I will be a reader that wants to read books which are not their cup of tea... But it will take me some time. Just wait for it, I'll wait with you.

    5. Book you did not finish

    I started it once, I didn't finish it. That's the end of this story. I don't know what happened. 

    I almost always finish the book - so it was this or Pride and Prejudice - I don't understand why people love this classic so much, I am not able to read it, no, no, nooo... And I am not going to try again.

    6. Book set in the foreign country

    I know that this is a sci-fi book but it's supposed to be set in the USA, like not usual USA, but still the USA. And as I live in the Czech Republic almost every published book is set in a foreign country.

    7. Book about the social issue you are interested in

    I don't read about social issues much. So I have to used Listopia on Goodreads and some list told me, that this is the book about social issues. And I have it! In paperback - not only in e-book. So there we have the second John Green's book of this week. Show me some magic! Like real life, contemporary magic, you know...

    Soooo! These are the books I am plannig to read. I am very excited about them, I actually managed to fill the challenges with books I really wanted to read for some time. 

    Follow what is happening during the Bibliothon on Youtube and Twitter. I know I will!

    All right! I hope you arw going to participate in various summer read-a-thons and I will be able to meet you and get to know you. I am also soooo curious about the books other people will be reading. 

    P.S.: One perfect side effect of my reading - I get tanned! Yay! Reading outside is the best thing ever!

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