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  1. Reading Challenges

    My challenge to read 150 books in 2015 is completed!

    I am also trying to read The Mortal Instruments and The Ifernal Devices series during the summer 2015 (#shadowhuntersummer):
    • City of Bones - finished
    • City of Ashes - finished - Goodreads REVIEW
    • City of Glass - finished
    • Clockwork Angel - finished
    • City of Fallen Angels - finished
    • Clockwork Prince - finished
    • City of Lost Souls - finished
    • Clockwork Princess - finished
    • City of Haevenly Fire - finished



    I am planning to participate in these read-a-thons:

    September 22nd-29th - RYBSAT round 6


    Favorite series


    Do I have to remind you that reading fantasy is just the best experience you can get from reading? And do I have to tell you that Brandon Sanderson knows how to do fantasy? I adore him! Mistborn is just perfection - it's long, so you fall in love with characters, the storyline will surprise you so many times and after finishing the whole thing you will feel so satisfied... Just read it!

    Harry Potter
    When I feel like re-reading something, I always go for Harry Potter. I grew up with this wizard and his friends. There's no other series that can be more important for me. I love this fantastical story even in my adulthood and I cannot be more grateful for knowing HP.


    Favorite stand-alones

    This is the book that led me to read books with religious topics. I've always believed in God, but this book shows God so beautifully and in the understandable way. And the storyline is also very interesting. I can recommend this to all people who want to read some nice fiction book about your believing in God. 

    Every booktuber I watch says that the book that got them to read was Twilight. Ha! For me it was definitely The Da Vinci Code. I remember reading it translated to Czech (I was kind of loser then, I needed translations - now I hate reading in my mother tongue) and I loved this book some much! The mystery, the gripping story, oh my! Dan Brown kept me awake for many nights with his other books, but The Da Vinci Code has a place in my heart.


    Favorite Genre
    • fantasy
    • YA
    • sci-fi
    • religious

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