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  1. Flight by Charlene Moncrief

    neděle 14. června 2015

    You know that feeling, you want to read something light and easy. And you pick up a book that looks like this kind of read. And you start reading. It takes some time but you realize, that this book is not the thing you thought it would be...

    That happened to me with Flight. I was in a mood for cute YA romance story and Flight was my choice. Okay, it's definitely YA, there's some romance but I didn't expect that there would be such a huge paranormal part in the book.

    Let's start from the beginning. Our main protagonist is called Camille Vanderhale and she comes from a very rich family. Like crazy crazy riich family. Of course, Camille is used to wearing very expensive clothes, to attend every possible social event and do things that go hand in hand with being so high on a social ladder. Camille has two siblings - Joseph about whom she really doesn't care much and Noelle, her younger sister whom she adores. In my opinion, all three of them act like spoiled brats but I guess that's the behaviour that comes with that much money. 

    And then there's the romance with a crazy hot guy called Xavier. This part was really hard because the relationship between Camille and Xavier was a insta-love. Seriously, those two clicked perfectly from the second they saw each other - oh, how realistic! But Xavier is very important to Camille as he helps her with her paranormal side. 

    What's nice and refreshing is that Camille knows she has some weird abilities! And she knows it from the beginning of the story. She tries to hide them but it's not really possible - sometimes it's hard to hide that you can float. The question that shapes the story is: Who is Camille? Or maybe what is she?

    As Camille tries to figure out the answer, she find oout a lot of things about her family - both about the living one and not living one. And her family history is not the best one you can imagine... It's also nice to see that in the family where money play the main character there are realtionships that will suffer. You cannot buy happiness for your family - you have to earn it. 

    I also very much enjoyed the role of music in Flight. Music is very important to me in my real life so I understood how music can influence our emotions and how people can express their thoughts through it. More music to YA literature! 

    Nonetheless, there are some things that I didn't like:
    Sometimes, the language used was really weird and it didn't fit the characters. Seriously, which 18-year-old girl would ever say: "Upon closer inspection, I see that this is no boy, but a young adult." I am 22 and I would never say this. 
    And the romance feels cheesy: "I feel the pull - almost familiar to me now - as our breath begins to become one. I lean in, more confident now, and gently place my cheek on his chest." That's so unoriginal. Even if I loved someone with my whole heart (still don't think it's possible), I would loved to breathe on my own - thank you for that! 
    And the last thing I didn't enjoy was the pacing. The story was just too slow for me. I felt like nothing really happened in the first 150 pages. The second half of the book was much better, but those first pages were really hard for me. On the other hand, if you enjoy spending time with the characters, you might enjoy it more than me. 

    Overall, there's a space for a sequel and I wouldn't mind reading it, so if there's one in the future, I will probably pick it up. 

    I received an e-book copy of Flight in exchange for my honest opinion. Thank you Netgalley and Smith Publicity.


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